On the mend & forever grateful

It’s been 78 days and 4hrs since my cycling accident threw me (25 feet across the pavement) out of my daily exercise regimen. A broken clavicle that required surgery and a broken 5th metacarpal (the bone between my wrist and my little finger) has had me living far less vigorously than I like.

My workouts are my sanity, my balance, my recreation, my antidepressants. They give me my daily dose of sunshine, fresh air, and nature. They make me feel alive. Keep me fit on all levels—spiritually, emotionally and physically. How would I survive this forced exercise hiatus?

In the first month and half of my injury, I had a bit more to worry about than missing workouts.  I was quite incapacitated – unable to use my left arm and hand, unable to drive, grocery shop, carry anything, do laundry, make my bed, etc…As a single woman living alone, I was in quite a jam. Or I would have been, if I didn’t have such a phenomenal group of friends who came to my rescue in so many ways. There were cards, flowers, chocolate, dinner and grocery deliveries. There were car rides to doctor, surgery and therapy appointments. There was lawn mowing, laundry, bed making and wrapping me (to protect my surgical wound) in plastic so I could wash my hair. That was the best gift ever―clean hair and fresh sheets on the bed – priceless! There were happy hour and dinner excursions. Walking buddies, phone calls and countless other thoughtful gestures.

I’m so lucky to be in 1 piece, albeit with some added hardware (a plate and 7 screws). I’m on the mend and making progress in physical therapy. I’ve learned I can survive 78 days and counting without a “real” workout, but one thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t have made it past day 1 without real friends.

A thank you doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Alon, Barbara, Bob, C, Chip, Chris, Dan, Dana, Darcy, Helen, Henry, Janet, Jennifer, Jodi, Kathy, Kelly, Jeff & Kimberly, Kim, Linda, Lisa, Linn, Luke, Mary, Suzy, Walter—I’m forever grateful for all of your kindnesses!


One thought on “On the mend & forever grateful

  1. Its no surprise that you have a group of friends that rallied to help you during this trying and tumultuous time in your life – you have, after all, been a great friend to us all. So, what goes around does indeed come around.

    I have no doubt that when the docs finally give you green light you will be out there charging up the hills, surfing the breakers, churning the laps in the pool and yes, cycling with abandon better than ever!!!

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