Video: Your body langauge shapes who you are

Or my take on it: moving your body can change your life.

In this Ted Talk video, social psychologist Amy Cuddy reveals research about how our body language shapes who we are. It’s well known that our body language affects how others see us and the conclusions they draw about us. It turns out that our body language also affects how we see and feel about ourselves. For instance, striking powerful, confident poses, even when we don’t feel confident can positively affect testosterone and cortisol levels―increasing actual confidence and decreasing stress.

So we can change other people’s perceptions, our own body chemistry and sense of self confidence / power — simply by changing our body positions. Just as, if you make yourself smile, happy feelings will follow. This can feel fake and awkward, but it works. The takeaway is that tiny tweaks can lead to big changes.

If striking a powerful pose for 2 minutes a day can makes us feel more confident and can bring us success, imagine what living actively in our bodies on a daily basis does for us. I’m going to take a leap off of Cuddy’s spring board and assert that the more we use our bodies for strength or vigorous activities, the more confident, grounded and balanced we feel in every avenue of our lives.

Sure get your 2 minutes of power posing in a day and then move that body towards greater strength, better health and wellness and life success! Reap the rewards of feeling better, getting healthier and let’s not forget, looking better, which does wonders for that self confidence.

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