Enrich your life and health with “rich” habits

In his book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, Tom Corley compares the habits of the rich (those with incomes of  160k + a year with 3.2 million in assets) vs. the poor (those with an income of less than 30k and assets of less than 5k).

Rich habits

44% of the rich get up 3 hours prior to work and engage in various self improvement activities, reading, exercising, etc.

77% of the wealthy exercise daily, most often in the morning, setting the stage for productivity & achievement (vs. 33% of the poor)

57% of the rich limit their junk food calories to 300 or less a day (VS only 5% of the poor)

The rich tend to limit their alcoholic beverage intake to two

Only 33% of the wealthy spend more than 1hr per day watching TV (vs 77% of the poor spend 1 hour or more)

Only 6% of the wealthy engage in gossip while 79% of the poor do…

If we want to enrich our lives, be healthier, fitter, happier (and perhaps, richer), it may behoove us to adopt some of these rich habits. Getting up earlier can be a struggle, but could pay dividends. Simply starting the day with some quiet, designated “me” time that is meaningful and beneficial to you  – whether it’s yoga, stretching, a sunrise stroll, mediation, journaling, reading the paper, walking the dog or puttering around the garden – puts you in a positive mindset to carpe diem. Try it, you might like it. Daily exercise, limiting junk food & alcohol intake, and eliminating time wasters like TV and gossip are no brainers. My challenges are getting up early consistently to do my personal writing projects and limiting my junk food intake – chocolate is my Achilles heel. If we take it a day and a choice at a time, we will succeed. Stay strong. The saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit is a myth; habit formation typically takes longer than that~66.




2 thoughts on “Enrich your life and health with “rich” habits

  1. Great call, Lydia.
    I started using the Rich Habits system and I have totally changed my way of looking at things. I have more money but more importantly, my self image has changed dramatically. More than the money the increased feeling of self worth is the huge pay-off. I couldn’t recommend Rich Habits more highly.

  2. Thanks Lauri, Kudos on your successes. Improvements in self image / self worth & confidence – priceless!

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