Be vigorous for lower calorie intake!

Exercise helps to keep our metabolism up for several hours after we workout. The more vigorous the workout, the longer you burn the extra calories. A new study indicates yet another, surprising benefit of vigorous workouts ―consuming fewer calories!

It seems counter intuitive, but the initial research is promising. Published in the International Journal of Obesity, the small study put 17 sedentary, overweight men in four 30-minute sessions — one session was inactive /resting,  the other three sessions were riding a stationary bike for a continuous moderate pace, at a high intensity pace with intervals, and at a very high intensity pace with intervals. After the sessions, the men were given a meal that was monitored, and later given as much oatmeal as they wanted to eat.

On the high and very high intensity workout days, the men’s caloric intake was significantly lower by about 200 calories. Assessments on the rest of the day and the day after showed that the men did not overcompensate by eating more once they had recovered their appetite after the harder workouts. (Of course, it doesn’t mention whether the men like oatmeal…Really, if you want to tempt someone to overeat, oatmeal wouldn’t be my bait…) I’ll keep you posted if I see any more studies on this. In the meantime, stay vigorous & let me know what your experience is.

Source: Douglas, Scott, Hard Workouts Linked to Eating Fewer Calories, Runner’s World Magazine, July.

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