“Live vigorously. (Not vicariously!)”

It’s about living healthier and feeling better everyday. Taking those small daily steps to improve our lives. What we eat, what we do, how we connect with our world.More good stuff, less not so good stuff…Connecting with others to stay on the path…Let’s move forward and thrive together!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog. You are a clear inspiration Lydia – The Strength of a Woman. Always there for you and hope to come visit soon and spend some time together. Let me know your schedule for June possibly.

  2. Lydia – thank you for the email to tell me about your blog. WOW! in spite of everything you have been through you have the emotional strength to share part of your story with others – publicly. You truly are an inspiring woman. Your kind, gentle, caring spirit, the one that has selflessly nurtured others is reaping good karma. I’m so blessed to be in your circle. xoxo

  3. Hi Lydia, I am sixty-six years of age and have always followed a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to your posts for information and inspiration.


  4. Congrats on 66 years of living well, Dennis! I will do my best to inspire & inform. Thanks for visiting & following! I’m new to blogging so hope to improve & prove myself worthy of an audience.

  5. Thanks Chris! As an Olympic caliber athlete and a smart and generous woman, you are an quite an inspiration too! I miss our runs! Hope to see you soon.

  6. Thanks Lisa, coming from another writer that means a great deal. You may find my wordstopage.wordpress.com creative writing blog more interesting….

  7. Thanks Kimberly for your wonderful note and emails. I’m equally blessed to have you in my circle. You have the same great qualities you say you see in me.
    (Apologies to all for belated replies – I am slowly learning all the bells & whistles of blogging…)

  8. Lydia – as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been someone who practices what they preach, unlike so many other wellness, lifestyle and fitness “gurus”. Despite your injuries, which you have overcome, you maintain a positive and energetic outlook on life in general and physical activity in particular. My goal is to one day be able to keep up with you on a hike or bike ride.

    Keep on inspiring and smiling!!!

  9. Thanks for all of your support through my good times & injured times, Walter. You’re the best! And for the record, you’ve already achieved your goal – you do keep up with me & in fact, officially kicked my butt on our stair repeats Wednesday!

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