Healthy eating strategies for holiday hedonism

It’s that time of year – whether you face it with humbug or lots of cheer; it’s here. Holidays are celebrated with food and spirits all over the world – not just by us pilgrims.

From now through the first weeks of January, It’s hard to escape the bombardment of holiday party invites and obligations. (Of course, not everybody wants to escape the holiday hedonism.) But we’re all faced with the temptation to over indulge. Today, I’m going to provide some strategies to help keep you on track for holidays. You get to join in all the reindeer games, without the guilt or the dreaded weight gain.

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Running transforms a man’s life—–from homeless to business owner

We all (all of us runners, anyway) know running is a great cure for pretty much everything that ails ya…Apparently, it’s a cure for homelessness too…. Here’s a quick video about Anne Mahlum, one inspirational runner who has made a difference with her unique running club, Back on My Feet. She uses running to help homeless men and women change the way they see themselves so they can make real changes in their lives. And it works. What can running do for you?

I’ve always believed in the transformational power of running, or any kind of exercise, especially those outdoor activities where you are immersed in nature, to cure whatever ails you…